Jaguar vs. Leopard: Jaguar XE Versus The Big Cat

April 14th, 2018 by
2018 Jaguar XE

Shopping for a Jaguar XE or leopard for your I-10 cruise? Look no further than the Jaguar XE. The Jaguar XE outperforms the leopard in these key commuter areas:

  • Top speed
    • Jaguar XE = 120 MPH
    • Leopard = 36 MPH
  • Comfort
    • Jaguar XE = Seats five
    • Leopard = Seats one with a saddle
  • Safety
    • Jaguar XE = AWD, Torque Vectoring, and Adaptive Surface Response
    • Leopard = Protection against predators, but no seatbelts
  • Efficiency
    • Jaguar XE = 28 combined MPG
    • Leopard = No gas. Fueled by gazelles, impalas, and deer – you’re better off finding a gas station.


When trying to get to work in Manhattan Beach, or simply enjoying a leisurely drive to your favorite sushi spot, you want to make sure your ride can go fast. The Jaguar XE provides drivers a top speed of 120 MPH with its 2.0L 247 HP turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. A leopard, on the other hand, can only go 36 MPH. The leopard doesn’t even have an engine.


When thinking about getting a new ride, comfort is a crucial concern to Venice drivers. With a Jaguar, you get five leather seats, Jaguar InControl® technology, and more. Plus, you can seat passengers in your travels. With a leopard – if you are able to throw a saddle on it – you can take one person somewhere slowly. It’s clear: the Jaguar XE is the winner.


The Jaguar XE provides walls, doors, airbags, seatbelts, headlights, at the most basic level. The leopard is a wild animal; you won’t even get seatbelts. The Jaguar XE provides premium safety features. The leopard? No way.


The leopard’s lack of engine, no doubt, calls its efficiency into question. The Jaguar XE, however, gets a solid 28 combined MPG. The Leopard needs fuel from gazelles, impalas, or deer, all of which can be hard to spot – or fairly expensive – in busy Santa Monica.

Look No Further than the Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE is a good choice when considering your next luxury car. It not only beats out the leopard, but the Lexus IS, as well. Explore more Jaguar trivia, and then get your Jaguar XE at Jaguar Santa Monica today!

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Great Salesmen!!!

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My experience at this dealership was nothing short of amazing. Vivian is the absolute best--fun, smart, quick and straightforward. The whole process was so streamlined, many steps were able to be done over the phone and online and I only spent about an hour at the dealership (when it usually feels like 4-5)! When I arrived at the lot they had put a bow on my car, everything felt really special and like they actually cared. Not to mention, I'm in love with my new car. Can't recommend Vivian and the whole team here enough!!

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Rarely do you meet someone in the auto business as professional, caring & smart as Vivian. We came in with a very clear direction on what we want and for how much. But that wasn't enough for Vivian, she wanted us to enjoy the experience! And thanks to her, we did!!! She went above and beyond to ensure we were smiling the entire time. I am so grateful to Vivian for taking what usually is a stressful purchase & turning it into a real pleasure for myself and my better half. I would recommend working with Vivian 100x over. ...

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This is regarding the service department. Maria Garcia is a total professional, and an asset to the company.

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What an awesome experience.  In an LA market over saturated with German cars my emotional attachment to the Jaguar brand started with my XF. I'm on my second Jag which I love so much I'm already planning on purchasing the car at lease end. The XE dynamic is not only a better handling car on the road than it's competitors but the technology is unmatched, elegant (forget the plethora of confusing buttons ) simple and ergonomic.  Special thank you to Vivian Naeish the sales manager and Aleks Stanisic. The buying process was smooth and effortless. Aleks is a ...

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