The Jaguar Symbol

logo of Jaguar XF

Jaguar Logo Meaning

What does the Jaguar symbol mean? Visually, it’s a jungle cat to symbolize the pedigree of a performance focused luxury brand, but it also symbolizes “grace, elegance, performance, power, and the ambition to leap forward.” The Leaping Jaguar emblem is a sleek silver jaguar cat in mid-leap with a snarl on its face. Malibu drivers used to see it as a hood ornament, but now it’s a 2D badge in silver, gray, and black.

The Roaring Jaguar is a circular emblem with a front-facing silver jaguar cat roaring. Drivers will typically find it with a red background and silver border. However, earlier versions might give you a gold Jaguar with a black border and red background. Silver and metallic gray symbolize modernity and sophistication, black exemplifies integrity and performance, and the red is for the passion for the drive. Come learn about the new Jaguar symbolism with Jaguar Santa Monica in Santa Monica.

Changes in the Iconic Jaguar Hood Ornament

There are a few reasons that Pacific Palisades and Brentwood vehicles don’t feature the iconic Jaguar hood ornament anymore:

  • 1968 was the passage of the federal seat belt law, which meant that aesthetic features like fins and hood ornaments were sidelined in favor of safety and aerodynamics.
  • In the 1980s, there was a fashion trend of wearing hood ornaments as necklaces. This led to a skyrocketing in theft of hood ornaments, leading auto manufacturers to start phasing them out.
  • In 2005, the European Union increased safety regulations on cars, which required hood ornaments to collapse, bend, or fold away if a frontal collision were to occur. This led to many luxury manufacturers removing their hood ornaments.

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