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Jaguar I-PACE Tax Incentives in California

When you opt for an electric vehicle like the new Jaguar I-PACE in Malibu, you may be able to enjoy benefits beyond never stopping for gas again–including access to incentives and tax rebates for purchasing an EV. Explore some of the incentives and opportunities available to you in California, then visit Jaguar Santa Monica near Pacific Palisades to test drive the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE.

Electric Vehicle Incentives and Rebates

Whether you choose a pricey Tesla Model X or a more accessible Jaguar I-PACE, find out what benefits are out there that reward green drivers:

  • Access to HOV Lanes: If you qualify for a Clean Air Vehicle decal, you can zoom past the traffic in high-occupancy vehicle lanes/carpool lanes in your Jaguar I-PACE.
  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project: The CVRP is offering rebates for purchasing new zero emission electric vehicles ($2500), as well as rebates for plug-in hybrids and zero-emission motorcycles.
  • Auto Insurance Companies: Some companies like Farmers Insurance offer discounts on their insurance rates for electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and alternative fuel vehicles.

Regional and Residential Rebates

  • Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District: This rebate is offered for the purchase or lease of alternative fuel vehicles, up to $1000.
  • El Dorado County Air Quality Management: Residents can enjoy up to $1000 of incentives when you purchase a zero emission vehicle like the Jaguar I-PACE.
  • Monterey Bay Air Resources District: This area includes Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties, and the possible rebates offered include: $2000 for new battery electric vehicles, $1000 for used battery electric vehicles, and rebates for new and used plug-in hybrids as well as new electric motorcycles.
  • Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District: Qualifying residents are from the northern and coastal Sonoma County areas, including Healdsburg, Cloverdale, and Guerneville, includes a $3000 rebate for battery electric vehicles like the Jaguar I-PACE
  • PG&E Clean Fuels Rebate: For PG&E customers with an active residential electricity account, if you own or lease an eligible electric vehicle you can enjoy an $800 rebate.
  • Redding Electric Utility: If you purchase or lease a qualified vehicle, REU is offering a $1000 account credit.
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District: With the SMUD Drive Electric Incentive you might be able to get $559 for buying or leasing a new plug-in electric vehicle.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric: Teachers and first responders may qualify for a $1000 point-of-sale rebate, but the funds are limited so hurry! You may also qualify for an electric vehicle climate credit of $200
  • San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Drive Clean Rebate: This can be combined with state and federal rebates, and extends to both local residents and businesses, with up to $3000 for a battery electric vehicle.
  • Southern California Edison Clean Fuels Rewards: If you are an active residential SCE customer, you might qualify for $1000 for a new, used, or leased electric vehicle.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles in Brentwood

If you want to find out more about the Jaguar I-PACE or owning electric vehicles in general, Jaguar Santa Monica has you covered. Learn how to charge a Jaguar I-PACE, compare popular electric cars to find out how long it takes to charge EVs, or find out more about Jaguar electric vehicle innovations today!

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